Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

1 .  What is an FED?
An FED stands for Forced Eviction Detainer. The important word here is “Eviction”. We do not rent to persons who have an eviction of record that has occurred in the past several years. An eviction should not be confused with a termination. A landlord may terminate a tenant for various reasons having nothing to do with the quality of a tenant. An eviction happens in the court system.

2 .  How much is the security Deposit?
The security deposit always matches the rental amount. If you have a pet there is an additional deposit for the pet.

3 .  When can I move in?
Move in can be immediately after acceptance and approval of your application in most cases. You must move in within five days of acceptance or pay a deposit for us to hold the unit for up to a total of three weeks from date of application. A move-in appointment will be held at our office to sign the appropriate documents. All parties will be required to attend the appointment. Multiple signing appointments usually cannot be made. The appointment takes approximately one half hour.

4 .  How long can you hold a unit?
We can hold a unit for up to a total of three weeks after an application is made if an appropriate deposit is made towards the unit’s move in cost. That reservation deposit is never less than $200.00. If you fail to move in to the unit in a timely manner your deposit is forfeited.

5 .  How long does it take to get my application approved?
It takes one to three days from application to process the application fully. Sometimes former landlords or other references take time to contact us following our initial request for information.

6 .  What if I don’t have two previous Landlords?
We will consider your application if lack of landlord makes sense. For instance, if you are 18 you may well not have had prior rental experience. Many times our research will turn up prior addresses and we will be asking about those addresses and why they were not used as a reference. Lack of two landlords’ means you must have a solid credit report, verifiable employment, and usually means that we will need to collect a deposit to be applied towards your last months’ rent as a condition of accepting you for move-in.

7 .  I’ve always rented from my mother, Grandma, or Aunt Matilda, why is that a problem?
We cannot accept family members or room mates as a reference. It must be great that your family has carried you all this time, but now you are boxed in and must face reality. We need non-partial references. Moms are known to fib and tell folks that their kids are perfect, have grown up to be doctors or lawyers, when in reality they grew up to be politicians or worse. Sorry we cannot accept a family reference.

8 .  What If I don’t have job?
A solid established credit report showing a history good payment habits can overcome a lack of job, especially if you are newly relocating to our area and have a solid history of prior employment.

9 .  What If I don’t have credit? No credit is better than bad credit. Lack of established accounts can be sometimes overcome by collecting an additional deposit. You may be very surprised what is on your credit report. Cell phone carriers are creditors and regularly report your habits onto your credit report.

10 .  What if my credit is bad?
Bad is a subjective term. We will look seriously at why you are using the term “bad”. If is because of a bump in the road, we will try to assist you. If it appears in our screening that poor credit habits have been long practiced by you then sadly, we can probably not help you.

11 .  What about collections?
Collections, while never a good thing, are accepted up to the value of one month’s projected rent amount. We will reject an application that has collections for less than the acceptable amount if the collections are associated with prior housing issues. i.e. rents, utilities etc.

12 .  What is a FICO number?
It is a number on your credit report that is used to describe your credit worthiness. Folks that read and use these reports know how to interpret the numbers.

13 .  I don’t know what my FICO number is. I have never seen my credit report. What can I do?
You can go on line to to get a copy of your credit report. Copies are free once a year from each of the three reporting bureaus. You must pay a nominal sum to receive the FICO score. Seeing your score is not necessary each time you get a report. Scores generally change and evolve slowly over time.

14 .  Can I have a copy of my Credit Report?
Unfortunately we are not allowed by our credit information provider to give out copies of the reports we receive. We are allowed to discuss them with you. We can tell you what items are on the report. If we reject your application based on your credit report you will receive a written notice from us with information on how to obtain your free copy of your credit report so that you can verify the accuracy of the information that was supplied to us.

15 .  I need a unit for three months, Can you help?
Sorry, we cannot help you. We expect tenants to stay at least six months. We would prefer if you stayed for ten years. All of our units are unfurnished. Each unit does have a refrigerator and range. Some units come with washer and dryers. No other furnishings are provided.

16 .  How can I submit an application?
Applications may be picked up at our office after viewing a unit. Applications may be mailed into our office or brought in. When an application is submitted it must be accompanied with governmentally issued photo ID and the appropriate screening charge. We will be happy to make that copy of your photo ID for you. A screening charge of $35.00 is paid for each person over the age of 18 that is to occupy the unit. FAXed applications can not be accepted, as some screening process services we employ require we have an original signature on file. Applications are screened on first submitted first served basis. We can not hold a unit on speculation that an application will be forthcoming.