About Real Estate 100 Lincoln City –  Property Manager, Felecia McDougal

Born and raised in Lincoln City, Felecia McDougal made the decision to purchase the Lincoln City RE 100 Property Management business in 2019, after working and learning under former owner Mark Neighorn. Working hands-on under Mark, who owned and operated the business for 30 years before retirement, gave Felecia the opportunity to learn from a true mentor. Felecia feels incredibly lucky to be able to call on the experience and knowledge of the business’s 30 year history, and also bring in fresh, new ideas and updated technologies.

Felecia also has over 17 years of experience in the service industry. Her work in retail, customer service, and hospitality helps her to navigate the daily challenges and frequent changes in the real estate property management industry. Felecia enjoys working with a wide range of people, and establishing long term relationships with owners, tenants, workers, and related service companies. She never turns down an opportunity to learn, and enjoys the complexities of both people and property management.

In her free time, Felecia enjoys being involved in the community and helping with activities that benefit youth. Having attended area schools herself, and now with children of her own, Felecia volunteers hours to local school activities and sports programs. She is an animal lover, and a frequent beach visitor. Felecia also enjoys photographing the Oregon Coast’s beautiful natural surroundings, and is especially happy to capture some of our many gorgeous sunsets.