Real Estate 100 Lincoln City, Inc.



  • Applications are accepted for a specifically identified unit and only after the prospective tenant (or their representative) has viewed the unit. Upon receipt, applications will be timed, dated and “keyed” to the specific unit requested. They are processed on a “first come, first served” basis and shall be submitted with legal, valid, government issued photo ID’s. A non-refundable screening charge of $35.00 per person over 18 years of age shall be submitted with the application.
  • If the Rental Department for some reason can not arrange for you to inspect the unit you are interested in, we will accept a “first right of refusal” application without the screening fee. Upon notification that the unit is available, the applicant shall immediately make arrangements to view the property and then remit the application fee(s) or lose their “first right” status.
  • Individual unit owners may place additional criteria, restrictions or requirements on tenant placement such as: prohibit smoking in or around the unit, limit or exclude certain types of pets and/or requirements to adhere to multi-unit complex rules and regulations. Additional deposits may be required.
  • Prospective tenants shall submit a completely filled out application including verifiable: A) Employment and Income information. B) Two landlords, the current and immediately previous landlord or satisfactory explanation of why information is unattainable. (Family members or roommates are not considered references. The inability to adequately supply two rental references, may, at landlord’s option, be alleviated by submitting additional deposits to be held on tenant’s behalf as security.
    Real Estate 100 adheres to the HUD guideline of limiting the number of tenants to two-persons per bedroom.
  • The screening process will include confirmation of accuracy of information provided by the applicant. Conflicting information or irregularities that are found in public records or credit reports as compared to provided information that is not explained will not be allowed. Satisfactory landlord references are required and any negative references obtained will be reviewed and considered for their validity. NO prior FED Judgments (court ordered EVICTIONS) within the last 5 years allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The minimum income to rent ratio shall be 2.5:1 or better – in units with tenant paid utilities. 2:1 or better – in units with some utilities provided by landlord. Applicant may be required to submit additional evidence verifying proof of income.
  • A credit report shall be obtained by Real Estate 100 for each prospective occupant whom is 18 years or older. The credit report(s) shall have:
    fico score (or other standard credit worthiness score) of not less that 585 is required.
    Aggregate of collections shall not exceed a total of the equivalent of one month’s rent (medical collections will be considered and be weighed separately). *Collection information may also be obtained through use of public records.
  • No collections attributed to past rental history allowed (i.e. unpaid rent, utility bills, damages or court costs (paid, unpaid or satisfied).
    Public records will be reviewed through. Information gleaned from these records will be compared and matched to information provided by tenant for consistency and discrepancies. Convictions of Misdemeanors and Felonies will be considered.
  • The demeanor of applicant during the showing and screening process will be considered.


**Applications that far exceed minimum standards in individual categories but fail to meet minimum standards in another shall be reviewed and possibly reconsidered if extenuating and explainable circumstances warrant.


  • Real Estate 100 Lincoln City, Inc. does not discriminate against any person because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, Sexual Orientation or National Origin.